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Are you finally ready to showcase your skills in front of a real live audience? If so, ASL SLAM is a great place to start! If you think you’re ready to make the plunge into the OPEN HAND scene-

We welcome solo performers, duos, musicians, comedians, poets-anyone who has something to show! If you want to share ONE poem, ONE joke or share a short story -we will save a slot for you! 

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ASL Slam seeks to support Deaf artists through a new artist residency initiative. Through this program, international Deaf artists using all mediums will be invited to New York City to develop new work while sharing their artistic process with a wider audience through workshops and intensives. The aim of this project is to provide new opportunities for Deaf artists while also inspiring the New York Deaf community by seeing the talent and creative work of artists from within their community. Artist Residents will be given a platform to share their work as a main aspect of this program. 


In addition, Slam seeks to promote creative collaborations by pairing two artists who use different mediums (visual artists, performance artists, lighting designers, filmmakers) to work together on the creation of a new, collaborative work.

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